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Custom Name Badges

 Stylish, affordable name badges, with your personal touch.

Our most creative name badges Our most creative name badges Our most creative name badges Our most creative name badges Our most creative name badges Our most creative name badges
Our professional name badges can turn a simple hello into a final sale. We want you to look your best, so browse our full range of options below. From rotary or laser engraved plastic to a wide range of brass badges, you can customize these with different text, colors, or even a logo. Add important company info, employee names, and titles.
Questions? Feel free to give us a call. We can help you design the perfect way to introduce yourself.
Create your own personalized name badges.

Plastic Name Badges

Professional and cost-effective, with hassle-free customization. Choose a type, pattern, color, and size. * Prices shown are for orders of 100 badges.

$3.29 each*

• Rotary engraved, square corners.

• Affordable and professional, in 4 sizes, and 20 different colors.

 XpressBadges - Laser

$3.89 each*

• Laser engraved, rounded corners. Several font and border options.

• In 4 sizes, and 30 different colors.


$5.19 each*

• Sleek black outer frame and recessed inner plate.

• In 4 sizes, and 32 different colors.


$7.39 each*

• Laser engraved or rotary engraved.

• Plastic framed in classic, metallic gold or silver holders.

 Showcase Cut Shape Badges

$8.19 each*

• Laser engraved, distinctive shapes.

• In plenty of colors and unique styles for your employees.

 LaserLogo Badges

$5.59 each*

• Show off your logo or design.

• In 3 standard sizes, and 20 different colors.

 Screen Printed Logo Badges

$6.19 each*

• A customer favorite. Laser engraved and screen printed.

*Has one-time setup fee.


$6.79 each*

• Digitally printed in full color for a professional, unique design.

• No logo fees or setup charges.

Brass and Aluminum MaestroBadges

Want something with a little more shine? Sturdy badges won’t melt, deform, or break apart. * Prices shown are for an order of 100 badges.
 Bugle Name Badges

$15.29 each*

• Thick, heavy-duty, oxidized brass.

• Multiple sizes. Easy to customize.

 Cymbalic Name Badges

$7.59 each*

• Sleek brass, with metallic surface.

• Sublimated print stands out.

 5-Star Name Badges

$9.39 each*

• Sublimated print on aluminum, with an optional full-color logo.

 Trumpeteur Name Badges

$12.89 each*

• Laser engraved, slender brass.

• Frosted, with a contrasting border.

Time-Expiring Labels and Low Cost Badges

Compare our costs to see how much you'll save. And, our time-expiring badges are a huge favorite of security professionals.
 Expiring Badges

• Personalize to include your company name and logo.

• You may write or print on these badges at home.

 Visitor – Reusable

• Great for schools, hospitals, clinics, events, and more.

 Visitor Badges and Labels

• Self-adhesive.

• A quick, low-cost way to identify your visitors.

 Eco-Friendly Event Badges and Nametags

• Make a positive impact on the people you meet.

Other Featured Products and Promotions:

 Self-Laminating Badges

• Easily make durable, self-laminating badges.

 Badge Making Kit

• Includes a holder, elegant domed cover, laser printable inserts, and an adhesive magnetic clip.

 Badge Buddy

• Feature a title or department name to hang in the same clip.

 Photo Badges

• ID badges for your entire office.

• Customize, or choose a design.

 Badge Accessories

• Lanyards, chains, strap clips, and slot punches. Best prices online.

 Custom Name Tags

• Full color or low cost tags. Sold to 100s of schools and hospitals.

 Laser Print Your Own Badge

• Print it yourself and then seal it up.

• Print durable badges on both sides.

 Evolis Blank ID Cards

• Great prices on Evolis compatible blank PVC cards for ID badges.

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