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Custom Name Badges

 We specialize in name badges. Most badges ship in 2-3 business days.

Our most creative name badges Our most creative name badges Our most creative name badges Our most creative name badges Our most creative name badges Our most creative name badges
While no name badge can make a wall-flower into a glad-handing politician, name badges do create a personal touch. Until now, only the largest of firms could afford to design and order branded, full color, personalized name badges. Our mission is to bring this same professionalism to everyone else.  Look through the eight different types of name badges below. Or, review our latest product line, ProBadges. for larger customers, please call and ask us to set up a private site just for your badges.
Create your own personalized name badges.

Plastic Name Badges

Plastic Name Tags are professional and at the same time cost-effective. These are best for low-budget stores and companies which are trying name badges for the first time ever. With our badges, you get a hassle-free customization option that lets you choose a badge type, pattern, color, size, and enter employee details in a step by step manner.

$2.73 each*

• Rotary Engraved.

• Square Corners.

• Affordable yet professional. Choose from 20 different colors and three standard sizes.

• Take advantage of our quantity pricing and save more when you order in bulk.

 XpressBadges - Laser

$3.27 each*

• Laser Engraved.

• Choose Rounded or Square Corners.

• Featuring an extensive array of options. Choose from 30 different colors, four standard sizes, two border styles and a variety of font designs.


$4.45 each*

• Made from plastic, these badges feature a sleek black outer frame with a recessed inner plate that is Laser Engraved with either your logo, name, title or all three!

• Choose from 32 different colors and four standard sizes.


$6.36 each*

• Available in your choice of Laser Engraved or Rotary Engraved.

• These durable plastic badges are framed in a metallic gold or silver holder, making them a great alternative to costlier metal badges.

 Showcase Cut Shape Badges

$6.95 each*

• Laser Engraved.

• Distinctive shapes get attention.

• These special designs help create a friendly and unified look for your staff. Find lots of colors and unique shapes!

 LaserLogo Badges

$5.26 each*

• Proudly and tastefully accentuate your logo, name or design. Laser Engraving produces enhanced visibility by emphasizing the intricacies of your logo while crisply displaying each unique name.

• Choose from 20 different colors and three standard sizes.

 ScreenedLogo Badges

$5.10 each*

• Our most common logo name badge. Your logo is beautifully Screen-Printed in your choice of one or two colors. Each name is then Laser Engraved for optimum legibility.

• One-time setup fee of $15 for a one color logo or $20 for two colors.


$5.75 each*

• No Logo Fees or Setup Charges!

• Our most dynamic and creative badge that is 100% Digitally Printed in full-color. Browse our library of templates created by professional designers or add your own flair by uploading your own unique design.

Brass MaestroBadges

Looking for something a little sturdier? Our Brass MaestroBadges are durable and won’t melt, deform or break like plastic badges. Plus their luster will be sure to command attention.
* The Price is shown for an order of 100 badges. For most designs with a logo there is no setup charge.
 Bugle Name Badges

$12.95 each*

• Made with thick brass, these heavy-duty badges are Oxidized which projects authority and professionalism.

 Cymbalic Name Badges

$6.45 each*

• Sublimated Print infuses the metallic surface with your design!

• Made with a thinner, lighter brass, these sleek badges add an attractive sheen to your employee's ensemble.

 5-Star Name Badges

$7.95 each*

• Sublimated Print with Full-Color Logo exquisitly reproduces your design on a aluminum plate that is mounted on a polished aluminum badge, providing beauty, creativity, luster and durability all in one!

• Available in Gold or Silver.

 Trumpeteur Name Badges

$10.95 each*

• Laser Engraved.

• These thin brass badges come with a frosted background contrasted by a brightly edged border that accents your name and title.

Time Expiring Labels and Low Cost Badges

Save over 50% versus other systems. Our time expiring badges are the favorite of security professionals.
 Expiring Badges

• Personalize your time expiring badges to include your company name and logo.

• You may hand write your badges. Or, use an ink-jet or Dymo-type label printer to print badges automatically.

 Visitor Badges – Reusable Badges

• Quick identification for work sites, schools, hospitals, and events.

• Find badges for safety certifications, improved security, and more!

 Visitor Badges and Visitor Labels

• Self-adhesive visitor badges are a low-cost way to identify your visitors.

 Eco-Friendly Event Badges and Nametags

• Make an impact when meeting new faces and not on the environment with our recyclable do-it-yourself name badges.

Other Featured Products and Promotions:

 Make Your Own Badge

• Just add your own badge. Insert a photo (from any printer) and seal it all up with the badge’s built-in flap.

 Badge Making Kit

• Kit includes a holder, elegant domed cover, transparant laser printable inserts and a hi-bond magnetic clip. DIY and reusable!

 Badge Buddy

• Team up your badges with Badge Buddies, featuring each person’s title or department name. Hangs in the same clip as badge.

Pair your name badges with desk and wall nameplates. Choose from a variety of materials including brass and plastic, as well as luxurious wood holders.
$6.95 each*

It's easy to create photo id badges for your entire office, online. we have 100s of in-stock designs which will save you time. Or, you may customize your own. Few simple steps and you're done!
 Badge Holders
Find the web’s largest selection of badge holders, badge reels, lanyards and clips. Color-code your badges by department or type of visitor. Heavy duty magnetic and bulldog clips clamp securely.
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