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Eco-Friendly Event Badges and Tags

Eco-Friendly Event Badges and Nametags
Half the work... Half the cost... Twice as eco-friendly!
Our badges of recyclable cardstock come in die-cut sheets that are ready to run through your laser/inkjet printer or copier, making use of standard Avery card templates. Print them, pop them out, insert the bowtie-shaped button on the Contour Clip™ through the diamond cutout, and your badges are ready to be clipped securely to your clothing. When you're finished with them, the cards can go in the recycling bin and the clips can be reused again and again.

• Other companies claim thier badges are recyclable while only components of the actual badge are. Our Eco-Friendly Badges are 100% recyclable and reuseable!

• Eco-Friendly Badges are suitable for outdoor use. These badges hold up extremely well in humid & breezy conditions.

• Contour Clips™ are strong enough to stay attached to your clothes, yet gentle enough to prevent any damage.

• No additional accessories or inks needed. Simply print the badges on any laser/inkjet printer or copier, pop them out, insert the Contour Clips™ and they're ready for use!

• Be Creative and add your own QR Code or Bar Code for instant information about a product, person, promotion or event.

Print Your Own Badges – that Expire in 24 Hours!
Print Your Own Badges – that Expire in 24 Hours!
Security professionals can send their badges right to a local printer. It could not be easier!
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