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Make Your Own Badge

Self-Laminating Badges
Keep track of everyone who enters or exits your conference or facility. Custom badges are a quick, cost-effective way to get great badges without the extra cost.

• Great for new employees, contractors, or visitors who need temporary access.

• Self-laminating film seals away the information to prevent tampering and provides a more polished, refined appearance.

• Add a photo, write a name and department, and seal it all in.

• Choose a bulldog clip and lanyard accessories, so visitors or attendees can display your information around their neck.

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  • See how simple it is to create your very own professional name badge with photo ID on site!
Make Your Own Badge (70737)
Safety Committee Member Wallet Card With Bulldog Clip
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Safety Committee Member (Stick Own Photo), Add Name,...
2.125" x 3.375" (h x w)
Self Laminating Wallet Card With Bulldog Clip
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Write Your Company Name Here - (Place Your Photo),...
3.375" x 2.125" (h x w)

Other Make Your Own Badge Options

There are many ways to make your own badge. Some of our most popular options are below.
 Custom Bi-fold Badges

• Add your choice of text and graphic to create personalized foldover ID badges. No extra charges for customization!

 Paper Badges with Clip

• Print your own badge and use our innovative clip to attach it to clothing. This is our most inexpensive option. Great for schools, events and trade shows.

 Mighty Badge

• It’s easy to make professional name badges yourself. Kit include everything you need.

 Printable Time-Expiring Badges

• Print these on an ink jet printer or a common office roll-thermal address printer. Badges show “Expired” after 24 hours.