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Make Your Own Badge

Make Your Own Badge
Keep track of everyone who enters or exits your conference or facility. Custom badges are a quick, cost-effective way to get great badges without the extra cost.

• Great for new employees, contractors, or visitors who need temporary access.

• Self-laminating film seals away the information to prevent tampering and provides a more polished, refined appearance.

• Add a photo, write a name and department, and seal it all in.

• Choose a bulldog clip and lanyard accessories, so visitors or attendees can display your information around their neck.

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  • See how simple it is to create your very own professional name badge with photo ID on site!

Self-Laminating Photo Badges

Safety Committee Member Wallet Card With Bulldog Clip
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Safety Committee Member (Stick Own Photo), Add Name,...
2.125" x 3.375" (h x w)
Self Laminating Wallet Card With Bulldog Clip
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Write Your Company Name Here - (Place Your Photo),...
3.375" x 2.125" (h x w)

Other Make Your Own Badge Options

There are many ways to make your own badge. Some of our most popular options are below.
 Custom Bi-fold Badges

• Add your choice of text and graphic to create personalized foldover ID badges. No extra charges for customization!

 Paper Badges with Clip

• Print your own badge and use our innovative clip to attach it to clothing. This is our most inexpensive option. Great for schools, events and trade shows.

 Mighty Badge

• It’s easy to make professional name badges yourself. Kit include everything you need.

 Printable Time-Expiring Badges

• Print these on an ink jet printer or a common office roll-thermal address printer. Badges show “Expired” after 24 hours.