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CR-80 30 mil PVC Cards: CR-80 30 mil PVC Cards (EZ-PA-1000) Learn More...

Part# EZ-PA-1000

Product Description

CR-80 30 mil white PVC graphic quality cards are great for creating professional digital photo ID badges for your organization.

  • 30 mil cards are made from sturdy PVC, and are the same size and thickness of a credit card.
  • The CR-80 30 mil Card is the standard card size that is frequently used for most direct-to-card printers.
  • Compatible with the following manufacturer card part numbers: Evolis - 80.030-GQ-WH, Fargo Ultracard - 81754, and Magicard - M3610-040A.
  • 500 cards packaged in 5 bundles of 100 cards.
  • CR-80 30 mil PVC Cards are not intended for retransfer or laminating printers that generate higher temperatures than direct-to-card printers. For retransfer or laminating printers, our Composite PVC-PET Cards are built to withstand high temperatures without distorting or cracking, and work best.
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