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Eco-Friendly Event Badges: Eco-Friendly 3" x 4" Cardstock Tag (BD-0380) Learn More...

Part# BD-0380
Color White
Contents Each pack includes 25 sheets with 6 badges on each sheet. Clips can be purchased at an additional cost.

Product Description

Save time, money and the environment with our Eco-Friendly Name Badges.
No more plastic badge holders! Just recyclable cardstock and a recyclable, reusable bulldog clip can be purchased at an additional cost, that won't damage your clothing.

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    • Cardstock badges come in die-cut sheets that are ready to run through your laser/inkjet printer or copier.
    • Sheets are perforated to easily tear and create custom namebadges as needed.
    • 7-mil cardstock is sturdy, long-lasting and recyclable.
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