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Magnetic Name Badge Kit
Magnetic Name Badge Kit
Part# NB-0001

Product Description

We offer everything you need to make your own name badge to make a lasting impression.

  • It's easy to print your own artwork and assemble the kit's components to create a professional name badge.
  • Choose from gold and silver backing; Inkjet printer and laser printer compatible badges.
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  • You Who™ Badge Kit
You Who™ Badge Kit
Sep 29
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  • Printable insert sheets are made from a non-stick film allowing you to switch out designs easily and are available in 2 materials for INKJET or LASER Compatibility.
  • Comes with your choice of reusable Gold or Silver 1” x 3” steel plates with rounded corners for a professional appearance.
  • The transparent shatterproof Lenscovers is made from polycarbonate plastic which is the same material used to manufacture bullet-proof glass. This protects your name badges against falls, abrasions, minor liquid splashes, etc.
  • Crystal clear and bright white printable insert sheets allow you to opt for a metallic look using the clear inserts, or add your own fully customizable background by utilizing/personalizing the white inserts.
  • Crafted from the highest quality neodymium, the magnetic fasteners keep your name badge firmly in place and won’t poke holes in your clothing or attire like pesky pins. All magnetic fasteners have an adhesive that affixes easily to the steel plate on the backside of the name badge.
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