Frequently Asked Questions

 Name Badge Accessories

Q. Why should I choose a Vertical-loading Badge Holder over a Horizontal Badge holder? What is the purpose of having two different types?

We offer both vertical and horizontal loading badges to accommodate both portrait and landscape-designed ID badges. Choose a vertical, top-loading badge holder for a portrait design, or a horizontal badge holder for a landscape design.

Q. One of our employees has a pacemaker. Should we be concerned about using a magnetic attachment on the back of his badge?

We do not have direct experience here. We have been told, however, that magnets may interfere with the functions of a pacemaker. Frankly, I see no reason to take a chance. There are plenty of other good attachment options to use.

Q. Why is a Prox Card Holder tighter on the card than regular ID card holders?

Prox Cards fit more snugly into their Prox Card Holders because Prox Cards can generally be left inside the holder when used. In other words, you don't have to remove your Prox Card often, so we make it less likely to fall out of your holder. Simple as that.

 Custom Name Badges

Q. Do I have to pay the set-up charge each time I order badges?

No, this is a one-time charge. When you reorder badges, add more names, change titles, etc. this charge is waived.

Q. Do you have a “make-and-hold” policy for your name badges?

I know that other name badge printers may have this policy. We do not. Given the volume of name badges we make every day and the speed of the digital presses that we use, we have a single fee to digitize (and often clean-up) your logo and create the initial template. Once incurred, you do not need to pay this fee again. Nor, do we insist that you commit to a certain number of name badges in advance.

This is a question that is often raised. The “make and hold” (or “shill-stock”) policy that you ask about is really a hold-over from traditional manufacturing techniques. With high fixed costs (and fees) to print a detailed logo, other companies wanted to recoup these costs up-front. Our “pay-as-you-order” policy is far easier for our customers to understand.

Q. Is there an extra charge for a name badge with rounded corners?

Yes, you may request this as an option. Note that you want your name badge to have rounded corners in the “Notes to the Printer” section upon checkout. If your request rounded corners, however, we will not bevel the edges (unless you indicate this, as well, in your note).

Q. Several of our employees have new titles. [Dale] just got married and wants to use her new name. How can I order these new badges? Do I need to retype all of the information over again and redesign the badges?

I appreciate this question – it gives us a chance to highlight one of MyNameBadge’s advantages. Here how it works ... Once a badge is ordered, you will find it in your “Ready-to-Order” folder. Your designs, names, logo, etc. are all saved. Just find a badge that needs to be modified, click on it, make your changes and add it to the new cart. Please call and one of our CSR tech experts can walk you through the process.

Our re-order technology is easy-to-use, live online and another reason why so many customers order more and more badges from us.

Q. We need to order several hundred badges. The names and titles are in a spreadsheet. Do I have to type all of this information into your order forms?

Many of our customers prefer to send us a file with a list of names, titles and other information. This certainly saves time. Once we import your information is imported into our system, you will then have automatic and online access to each name badge. You can view the design, revise it and then order any one of the designs.

Q. What is the difference between laser engraving and rotary engraving?

If your work requires fine type or a detailed logo, ask for laser engraving.

Older engravers, typically use a carbide tip that rotates rapidly to cut into the engraving stock. These types of engravers have been used for literally hundreds of years. Generally, we use the more sophisticated laser equipment that produces a far more detailed image. Your logos and text are on your name badge are reproduced much more accurately. You may even laser engrave a photo on a name badge. As lasers get cheaper, more powerful and faster, you will see more and more name badges produced on laser engravers.

 Time Expiring Badges

Q. What are time-expiring badges, and what is their purpose?

Every time-expiring badge is a one-piece construction that is easy for any front desk staff to use. No assembly or visual alignment is required - just look for the VOID marker to know your badge has expired.

The time-expiring badge changes color to show that it is no longer valid to prevent future unauthorized reuse. This added level of security is great for secure facilities with frequent visitors or events.

Q. How are your one-day visitor passes able to change color?

A small, timed chemical reaction begins when you pull the foldable tab to the back of the badge. After 6-8 hours, a slight pink image of the word "VOID" will begin to show. A darker pink image will be complete after 24 hours. The chemical reaction cannot be reversed, so this product is tamper-proof and easy to recognize.