1.25" x 3" ProBadge - Full-Color Badge, 1ΒΌ" x 3", Upload your own logo

Choose Color and Type for Badge

Add your special text. Then, select a typestyle for your text. For more information click on the help image1 buttons.
If you have just one badge, click on the Save & Next step button. If you have a series of badges, click on the Save & Create More button.

If you have more than 25 badges (or nameplates or signs), we encourage you to call at (800) 952 1457. Our customer service representative will take your order over phone and will ask you to send an Excel file by email. This not only makes the order easier, but saves time, too.

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Graphic (optional)

Choose a clipart from our library or upload your custom graphic. To resize, click on the graphic to select. Then, click and hold the corner and drag to reduce or increase the size of the graphic.

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Enter Text

Type over the sample text below. You may also change your font and style.

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Select a Color Scheme

To choose a different color palette, click on any of the color patches below.

  • Black Color
  • Red Color
  • Blue Color
  • Green Color
  • Lt.Blue Color
  • Hunter Color
  • Purple Color
  • Violet Color
  • Orange Color
  • Burgundy Color
  • Brown Color
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