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2 in. x 8 in. Custom Name Badge Kit: Contemporary Sign Kit For Cubicle Front Lens Polished Polycarbonate (NB-0009) Learn More...

Part# NB-0009
Shape Horizontal
Contents Kit includes 6 Signs

Product Description

Create professional name badges yourself! Design unique badges for your cubicle in seconds with our Contemporary Sign Kit.

  • Kit includes double sided holders (to display sign on one or both sides), clear lens for each holder, and printable inserts of appropriate sizes.
  • You also get a free software to design and print inserts with your choice of text and images.
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    Feb 20
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    • Printable insert sheets are easy to customize and the signs have a slim and elegant design. They are designed to be lightweight but durable and can be used again and again with a quick change of the insert.
    • The transparent shatterproof Lenscovers is made from polycarbonate plastic which is the same material used to manufacture bullet-proof glass. This protects your signs against falls, abrasions, minor liquid splashes, etc.
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