Strap Clips

Snap and go! Make it easy for your employees and visitors to show off their ID cards with our easy-to-use strap clips! These clips offer the fastest, easiest way to attach your ID cards and cardholders to your belt, shirt, jacket, or briefcase. Durable reinforced vinyl straps slip through any slotted badge opening and can be quickly fastened or unbuttoned. Specialty clips such as bulldog clips offer fast and reliable attachment, without destroying clothing.
  • • • Tough vinyl strap clips can withstand tugging and grabbing. These clips are great to use with our vinyl badge holders.
  • • • Button enclosure ensures that your secure ID card is firmly attached.
  • • • Flash your ID without having to reach in your pocket or bag. Save time every day!
Visitor Badges
Use these resusable badges for color-coding, safety certification, site security, conferences and work projects.

Strap Clips

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Clear Vinyl Long 2.75" Strap with Zinc Plated Clip - 2 Holes
Clear Vinyl 3.5" Strap with Zinc Plated Clip - 2 Holes
Clear Vinyl Long 2.75" Strap with Zinc Plated Clip - 2 Holes

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Jun 17, 2019

Exceptional buy

Exactly what I desired. An excellent choice.
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Just what I ordered, good value
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Great price and shipped out fast!