ID Badge Retractable Holders - Plastic and Metal

Retractable ID Badge Reels make it easy to grab your ID in a snap!
Retractable Badge clips allow you to clip ID cards onto your belt loop or office bag - and you can reel 'em out, and reel 'em back in again! Enjoy Professional Quality badge clips that can grab attention or showcase your badges in a way that perfectly fits your needs - all for the best pricing in the industry! Buy in bulk and save even more. Use the bold colors we offer to distinguish different shifts, departments, or conference groups. A myriad of clear and colorful badge reels offer more than just ID card carrying - our Brew Back badge reels function as a bottle opener as well! Our pen-attached badge reels are another example of the perfect solutions for your event or conference. Take advantage of free shipping for all orders over $29.95! Mouse over any of our badge reels for more information.
  • • Badge reels are available in a variety of colors. Click on any badge reel for more information.
  • • Brew Back and Pen Badge Reels are great for conferences and events.
  • • All reels automatically retract quickly and safely, for fast and easy identification at all times.
  • • Never pull your ID card out of your wallet again! Save time every day with a retractable badge holder.
  • • Use with pouches or slotted cards.
Visitor Badges
Use them for safety, security, or easy identification.

ID Badge Retractable Holders - All

Secure your keys, badges, name tags, ID cards, eyeglasses, and other little things with a small, compact, lightweight, and simple-to-use retractable holder.
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Economy Badge Reel, Clip-On - Black
Economy Badge Reel, Clip-On - Blue
Economy Badge Reel, Clip-On - Red
our bestseller
Economy Badge Reel, Clip-On - White

Specialty Badge Reels

Easily access your ID badge without a tangle of cord. Badge reel holders come with a carabiner for utmost security for your badge.
Badge Reel - Heavy Duty - Black/Chrome
Badge Reel - No-Twist Carabiner - Black
Badge Reel - No-Twist Carabiner - Blue
Badge Reel - No-Twist Carabiner - Red