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Evolis Blank ID Cards

For the highest quality PVC, composite, and earth-friendly biodegradable cards in the business, Evolis offers the perfect complement to your genuine ID card printer. Our entire line of graphic-quality cards are designed around the industry standard CR-80 30 mil (CR8030 or CR80.030) card that is compatible with nearly all professional ID card printers.

• CR-80 30 mil cards are the most commonly used plastic card size, roughly the same thickness as a credit card.

• All mag stripe cards come with a HiCo (high coercivity) stripe that stores information more securely and outlast low coercivity (LoCo) magnetic stripe cards.

Direct-to-card printers are compatible with all three types of cards: standard PVC, composite PVC-PET and biodegradable PVC cards. Retransfer and laminating printers require composite PVC-PET cards that can withstand the high temperatures produced by these units.

• Buy in bulk and save on your ID card purchase.

arrow right Blank Printable PVC Cards for Evolis Printers

Cards are compatible with Evolis, Fargo, Magiccard and most other common ID Badge printers.
Composite CR-80 30 mil Cards
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Composite PVC-PET CR-80 30 mil Cards
Composite CR-80 30 mil Cards HiCo
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Composite PVC-PET CR-80 30 mil Cards HiCo
CR-80 30 mil PVC Cards
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CR-80 30 mil PVC Cards
CR-80 30 mil Cards HiCo
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CR-80 30 mil PVC Cards HiCo

arrow right Blank Biodegradable PVC Cards

These 30-mil thick biodegradable cards are identical to standard PVC cards but decompose within 5-7 years, making them eco-friendly.
Blank White Plus-Card CR80 - Card
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Earth-Friendly CR-80 30 mil Biodegradable PVC Cards

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