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Product Description

CR-80 30 mil white PVC graphic quality cards with (HiCo) high coercivity magnetic stripes are great for secure encoding of data and creating professional digital photo ID badges for your company.

  • 30 mil HiCo cards are made from sturdy PVC, and are the same size and thickness of a credit card.
  • The CR-80 30 mil HiCo Card is the standard card size that is frequently used for most direct-to-card printers.
  • HiCo (high coercivity) magnetic stripe cards are black in color (compared to low coercivity cards that have a brown magnetic stripe) and are typically used for applications where the card will be frequently swiped. HiCo magnetic cards are more secure than LoCo (low coercivity) magnetic cards due to the higher level of magnetic energy required to encode these cards, which also makes them harder to erase and less prone to corruption.
  • Ideal for applications where a card is swiped often such as employee ID cards, access control cards, and time/attendance cards.
  • Compatible with the following manufacturer card part numbers: Fargo Ultracard - 81751 and Magicard - M3610-049A.
  • 500 cards packaged in 5 bundles of 100 cards.
  • CR-80 30 mil HiCo PVC Cards are not intended for retransfer or laminating printers that generate higher temperatures than direct-to-card printers. For retransfer or laminating printers, our Composite PVC-PET Cards are built to withstand high temperatures without distorting or cracking, and work best.
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